Shop Updates!

Things are starting to come together and we're starting to get into a rhythm. It's a beautiful thing. A couple updates for you all:

If you've had trouble finding us, it's because we're upstairs! Over Kit Kuhn's Jewelry. We have a new logo and will have an A frame board as well as window decal by Wednesday if not sooner. We're at 3100 Harborview Dr. just South of Spiros on the way to Tides.

We have our new Patagonia waders, boots, jackets, fleece, etc now in stock.
The Scott Fly Rods many of you were waiting for are now here and we have some great new sticks. We specifically ordered some killer rods for the beach and I got the opportunity to fish one yesterday. Oh dang, it was sweet.

We finally have everything priced, well almost. But all the fly tying stuff has prices and we'll be finishing everything else up this week.

We are now booking guided trips for fly fishing the beach, stop in the shop and ask about it. We'll be posting more info about these soon.

We have some classes coming up. More info in the shop but we will also be posting the info here in a couple days. (FYI: Beach fishing class forthcoming!)

Have you taken our survey? We have a survey in the shop and all participants are registered into a raffle at our grand opening party.

Did I just say party? Oh yeah! Saturday we will be throwing the party to end all (or start all?) parties! It is our Grand Opening Party. We will be posting a schedule of events for the day soon once some more stuff is confirmed. I can say that we will be having some rod and line demos, fly tying demos, the raffle, free stuff, and some other goodies I'll let you know about later!

Wow, if you are still with us and read all that I better give you the fishing report! Let's just say, it's good. Really good, if you hit it right. We are finding Cutthroat in front of estuaries but also spread out along the beaches. We've been hearing of people not finding Coho down at the Narrows and it is probably because all the Coho are in front of the estuaries, and they are in there thick. Gary has had two 20+ fish days in a week. A lot of the coho are going 16-18 inches as well. We got the magic flies, stop on in!